Winter CSA Pickup Locations and Times

Our Roadside stands are an effort to bring fresh food into our neighborhoods.  CSA members may choose one of the below locations for their regular pickup point.  Farmstand Credit members can shop at any of the stands during operating hours listed below.



Flex Pickup Point

408 Pearson Drive (Montford)

Take advantage of our walk-in cooler and pick up your share or order at your leisure!  

Wednesday 3pm - Saturday 8pm

Please note that winter weather may affect pickup windows


Flex Pickup Point

17 Blue Ridge Ave (WAVL)

Take advantage of our walk-in cooler and pick up your share or order at your leisure!  

Wednesday 3pm - Saturday 8pm

Please note that winter weather may affect pickup windows

“Patchwork Urban Farms’ CSA is both diverse and plentiful! Every week I was surprised with new and classic vegetables, specialty items, recipes, and a friendly newsletter. Both eating well and supporting local food, I couldn’t have asked for more.” —Miles Kelley, 2014 CSA Member

”Sunil Patel’s openness of exchange with his customers in helping them understand the opportunities provided to local communities via development of urban farming is a model of healthy, sustainable use of lands that would otherwise lie fallow, or with unexpressed potential. Plus, he grows the tastiest tomatoes...” —Trent McDevitt, 2014 CSA Member

”Loved being part of Patchwork’s first CSA year in Asheville. It feels great to be connected to food grown down the street that is part of a bigger vision for our healthy food shed!” —Janell Kapoor, 2014 CSA Member

”We decided to get our CSA through Patchwork Urban Farms because they have a vision that is bigger than themselves. There are a lot of options for CSA shares in Asheville and we were looking for something that went beyond good, local & organic veg and we found that with PUF. I’m happy to support them and look forward to seeing their vision take root here in Asheville & beyond.” —Matt Abrams, 2014 CSA Member

”It was great getting a box of produce from Patchwork every week. We love knowing we’re supporting a truly local farmer, with food grown right here, in backyards and plots around Asheville.” —Jeremy and Kristin Smith, 2014 CSA Members

We aim for a city where all the Fresh Food we eat comes from Responsible Farm Systems right here where we live.  

This means we are creating the groundwork for a diverse city-wide system of food enterprises that create significant yields of: 


fruit, berries, & nuts



chicken duck and rabbit products 

What is Responsible Farming?


  • Beyond sustainability towards regeneration; away from extraction towards partnership

  • Integrating with our urban waste streams;  closing fertility loops

  • Promoting biodiversity 

  • Building soil

  • Avoiding chemicals

  • Promoting subtle energy

  • Catching rainwater in tanks and the landscape

  • Moving towards perennial systems



  • Creating systems that inspire awe, respect, and reverence for the land and therefore ourselves

  • Always aiming towards the creation of viable livliehoods for farmers and farm workers

  • Teaching the value of: creating regenerative landscapes and eating from the land

  • Allowing full accountability directly between farmer and consumer



  • Creating space and encouraging other land based enterprises through incubation, skill sharing, and cooperative networks

  • Providing fresh food in places of need

  • Creating Cooperative Structures and Sharing Networks