Land Partnerships

Do you have a patch of land you'd like to see productive?  And  get to eat not only from your patch but all the patches in the farm? We craft partnerships individually with each landowner. These partnerships do not require development capital of the land owner unless we agree on that.  

  • Crop Shares
  • Maintenance Shares
  • Teaching and Learning Shares



1. You fill out our 10 question online questionnaire to assess whether your land is the right fit.  (WE ARE OPEN TO ALL TYPES OF LAND)

2. I will get back to you with a sample agreement if it seems like it's a good fit.

3. You'll look it over and see if it would work as a good starting point for creating a specific agreement on the use of your land.

4. If so, I will come out and do a quick land assessment, and we can craft the final agreement from there!