2018 Farmstand Credits 

If you need more flexibility than a CSA share offers, this is the choice for you!  

How it works:

1.Set up a pre-paid account with us by filling out the form below

2.If you haven't already, register in our online store HERENote: you may already have an account created in 2017.  Let us know if you aren't sure.

3.We will send an email every Friday evening reminding you that the store is open for ordering.  Log in to your account, and order away before the store closes on Mondays at 12pm.  OR come to one of our market locations, and shop there with your account without the fees associated with the online store.

4.Pick up your order at the pickup location you choose and enjoy!  


CSA membership options

You'll be considered a CSA member by choosing this option.  This means you'll have access to our farm dinners, workshops, and tours.  We highly appreciate your upfront commitment.  Credits are valid for 1 year.  Fill out the form below and choose a $250 or $500 account to take this option.

Rechargeable Account

Start an account for $50 and pay a $5 admin fee ($55).  Recharge the account at any time with a $25 minimum (plus $2.50 admin fee).  Credits are valid for 1 year.  To take this option, fill out the form below and choose the $50 account option)

Trial Account (no need to fill out the below form, just register in the store here)

Visit the online store and register.  You'll have three weeks of ordering to try the store out, and pay when you pick up your order.  To take this option, simply register in the online store and start shopping.  After the trial period, if you would like to become a CSA member, or get a rechargeable account, please fill out the below form.

 Please note, that our online store needs updating so the information you find there in the Q&A section is out of date.  You can still register and start shopping, and we will be updating the store very soon.

Sign up Process

1. Fill out this form.

2. Await an email from us with your total balance due.

3. Arrange payment to reserve your spot. (payment options below)

Call Teddy Pitsiokos @  434-981-0749 for any payment related questions, or email patchworkurbanfarms@gmail.com 

2018 Farmstand Credits Order Form

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Phone *
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Choose a Pickup Location and Time *
more info on pickup locations at https://www.patchworkurbanfarms.com/pickup-locations You'll be able to change the location of your pickup for each order in the online store, but we'd like to know where you're most likely to pickup the most.
Payment Options *
Note: your account will not be usable until we get a downpayment or full payment. For quick turnaround, use the Paypal option. Please wait to send any payment until you get an email confirming your total balance.
If so, please type it in the box. Your invoice will reflect your discount.