Sign up Process: 

1. Seriously consider participating in our sliding scale program (more info in the form below)

2. Fill out this form, and you'll be next in line to get a spot.

3. Await an email from us with your total balance due.

4. Arrange payment to reserve your spot. (payment options below)

Call Teddy Pitsiokos @  434-981-0749 for any payment related questions, or email 

Summer 2018 CSA Order Form

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With a 5 share minimum, we can do custom delivery locations on a case by case basis. If you're interested please check "yes," and we'll be in touch.
Would you like to participate in our Sliding Scale pricing? *
We offer a range in price above and below the base price of our products. In order for us to sustainably do this, we need to have as many positive payments as we do negative. When you pay even $10 above the base price, you are helping us spread our wealth to those who have poor access to fresh, local food. Without the support of our community at large, PUF cannot hold the burden of affecting food access issues alone. Please support this mission in order to create a more just food economy in our city! Any surplus in our sliding scale account will be donated in the form of food to those in need.
Choose "+" options to add on to your price, and choose "-" options to subtract from your price. Your invoice will reflect your choice. Please do not send payment until you have received an email with payment information.
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Please note, your share will not be reserved until we get a downpayment or full payment. Please wait to send any payment until you get an email confirming your total balance.
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