Get Your Veggie, Herb, Mushroom, and Egg Shares Here!

How does it work?

At Patchwork Urban Farms, community supported agriculture (CSA) is more than a business transaction between farmers and consumers; it is a partnership between community members based on mutual respect with a commitment to support one another. The farmers commit to producing the healthiest, freshest, most delicious produce possible using organic methods and practices. The CSA member commits to purchasing a share of the upcoming season’s harvest in advance. In this way the CSA member shares in the risks and bounty involved with producing and harvesting crops, and helps ensure the farmer’s ability to continue producing nourishing local food. By becoming a CSA member with us, you’re joining our network in the Asheville region committed to building food security and food justice in our city.

By becoming a member you are in a very real way, part of a movement to create a vibrant village scale food and farming economy in the city of Asheville.

Pick-Up Schedule and Locations:  

You can come pick up your CSA box from our stand at Asheville City Market on Saturdays, or pick up at one of our produce coolers between Wednesday at 3pm and Friday at 8pm. Flex pick-up costs an extra $15 per season.


Wednesday-Friday West Asheville Flex Pick-Up ($15) 

Wednesday-Friday Montford Flex Pick-Up ($15) 

Saturday Asheville City Market 8am-12pm

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Summer 2018 Veggie Shares

Summer 2018 CSA Share

Our Summer season Veggie share consists of 25 weekly boxes of fresh vegetables valued at $20-$25 each. In each box you can expect a diversity of seasonal vegetables. For example, in May your box might have salad mix, spinach, radishes, kale, broccoli, and peas. In July your box might have beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and a melon. We do our best to rotate types and varieties throughout the season.



2018 Summer Share

May - October

Summer Share $500

The last day to purchase your summer CSA share is April 31st

Payments: Cash, check or Paypal accepted.  Payment options in Order Form.


Summer 2018 Mushroom Share Add-on

Oyster Mushroom Share - $250

Mushrooms are grown and provided by Pisgah Gourmet located in Brevard. With the Oyster mushroom share you can expect to receive one pound of white, grey, blue, yellow or pink Oyster mushrooms grown on locally sourced materials and freshly delivered to the Patchwork Pickup Locations every week for a 25 week season.
Gourmet Mushroom Share - $350

The gourmet mushroom share is for those who prefer a lesser quantity but a higher quality of mushrooms and is intended for those with a devout love of fungi. Enjoy a half pound mixed variety of King Oyster (P. eryngii), Lion's Mane (H. erinaceous), Shiitake (L. edodes), Chestnut (H. sublaterium), Maitake (G. frondosa) and/or Enoki (F. velutipes) mushrooms. This mushroom share will also come with a 1-oz bottle of our dual-extracted mushroom tinctures every 8th week, a $36 value!
Limited quantity available.

    Pisgah Gourmet Mission Statement

To provide mushrooms to our region using sustainable growing practices and to cultivate a connection between people and fungi by means of gastronomy, mycology, public works and earth skills education.


Summer 2018 Herb Share Add-on

Summer 2018 Herb Share - $70

If you would like a bunch of culinary herbs with your share every week, we offer an herb share Add-on. Herb shares include parsley, cilantro, dill, fennel, basil, oregano, thyme, sage, and more.  

Summer 2018 Egg Shares

Summer 2018 Egg Share - $125

One dozen chicken eggs weekly.  Raised on pasture and supplemented with non-GMO feed. 

Our Food Access Mission

Our food economy is such that we have a huge problem of food waste and maldistribution.  PUF would like to grow our ability to affect food access issues in our city while still making it possible for farmers to recoup their costs of production and make a livelihood doing this work.  Our strategy to achieve that for 2018 is three-fold: 


We offer a range in price above and below the base price of our products.  In order for us to sustainably do this, we need to have as many positive payments as we do negative.  When you pay even $10 above the base price, you are helping us spread our wealth to those who have poor access to fresh, local food. Without the support of our community at large, PUF cannot hold the burden of affecting food access issues alone.  Please support this mission in order to create a more just food economy in our city!



As of 2016 we have been accepting SNAP/EBT as a form of payment.  We are also going to be able to accept Double Up food Bucks in 2018!  Stay tuned on DUFB, but in the meantime we can set up a plan with regular SNAP/EBT. (please choose the option to pay with EBT in our signup form to do this.  We have a limited number of SNAP spots in our CSA, but can take payments for purchases in our Online Farmstand.



We have limited supply of payment plans and will need to discuss the option with you.  Contact us.


“Patchwork Urban Farms’ CSA is both diverse and plentiful! Every week I was surprised with new and classic vegetables, specialty items, recipes, and a friendly newsletter. Both eating well and supporting local food, I couldn’t have asked for more.” —Miles Kelley, 2014 CSA Member

”Sunil Patel’s openness of exchange with his customers in helping them understand the opportunities provided to local communities via development of urban farming is a model of healthy, sustainable use of lands that would otherwise lie fallow, or with unexpressed potential. Plus, he grows the tastiest tomatoes...” —Trent McDevitt, 2014 CSA Member

”Loved being part of Patchwork’s first CSA year in Asheville. It feels great to be connected to food grown down the street that is part of a bigger vision for our healthy food shed!” —Janell Kapoor, 2014 CSA Member

”We decided to get our CSA through Patchwork Urban Farms because they have a vision that is bigger than themselves. There are a lot of options for CSA shares in Asheville and we were looking for something that went beyond good, local & organic veg and we found that with PUF. I’m happy to support them and look forward to seeing their vision take root here in Asheville & beyond.” —Matt Abrams, 2014 CSA Member

”It was great getting a box of produce from Patchwork every week. We love knowing we’re supporting a truly local farmer, with food grown right here, in backyards and plots around Asheville.” —Jeremy and Kristin Smith, 2014 CSA Members