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How does it work?

How does it work?

CSA works by members paying for their produce before the season begins so farmers know what to grow.  

Become a member by purchasing a subscription to an entire season of fresh and ultra local veggies, grown just for you.

Farmers fill your box weekly (or bi-weekly in winter) with freshly harvested produce from your neighborhood farms.

You pick-up your personal share each week (or bi-weekly in winter) at a location near you.  Pickup Location Information

Members are invited to special gatherings and events throughout the season hosted by the folks at Patchwork Urban Farms. 

By becoming a member you are in a very real way, part of a movement to create a vibrant village scale food and farming economy in the city of Asheville.

Member Benefits

More than a CSA!

1. Great Value - The value you get in a CSA share surpasses retail purchasing of the same amount of produce.  You can expect around 20 to 30% of savings by purchasing your produce "in bulk" upfront.  And it's the freshest as can be!

2. Patch Tours- join us as we caravan to 3-5 patches in the network to get in touch with our urban food system.

3. Access to 2 workshops- We host classes about food, cooking, and preservation.

4. Admission to our Annual Patch Dinner- where you can mingle with fellow members, and enjoy farm to table Indian Food cooked by founder/farmer Sunil.

We are sold out of Winter 2017 Shares.  Please email us to get on a waiting list.

Patchwork Urban Farm Winter CSA Shares are pre-boxed, bi-weekly pick-ups from November through mid-April. The boxes consist of fresh picked produce and winter storage vegetables. Each bi-weekly share provides enough vegetables for two average adults to eat  8-10 meals. 

What to expect:

Fall (November-December) may include fresh field-grown greens such as kale, collards, and chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and some stored items such as beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, cabbage, beans, and winter squash.

Winter (January-February) will mostly contain storage crops such as beets, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, turnips and winter squash. It will also include plenty of baby salad greens and lettuce grown in our high-tunnels.

Spring (March-April) may include baby salad greens, lettuce, onions, and roots grown in our high-tunnels, as well as early field-grown greens like baby mustards, bok choi,  and kale. You might also get some stored items such as sweet potatoes and winter squash.

Pick-Up Schedule: Bi-weekly pick-ups start November 7th and end April 10th, totaling 12 weeks. The shares before Thanksgiving and Christmas are designed to be proportionally 1.5 times larger to accommodate holiday feasts. We will let you know in advance what exactly is in those shares so you can prepare.

Produce Storage: The produce in your bi-weekly shares should last for two weeks if properly stored. You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to store different items.


Winter Shares - 26 weeks

November to April

Winter Share $390 ($15/wk)

The last day to purchase your winter CSA subscription is October 31st.

Payments: We strongly encourage payment by cash or check.  Credit card payments will be marked up 3% to account for service fees.  Downpayment options available.


Payment Options

Check or Cash Preferred!

EBT accepted! (please contact us for info on EBT).

Credit Card orders get a 3% up charge for processing fees.

Payment plans available upon request.  Contact us.

Sliding Scale

We aim to provide food at discounted rates to those in need.  To facilitate this, we're offering folks to pay any price on a sliding scale from $100 below the regular price to $100 above it.  By paying more, you will allow us to offer food at reduced rates to communities in need.  And by paying less, you will be benefitting from the graciousness of those who pay more.  If you're interested in sliding scale, you must pay by cash or check.  Click on the cash or check link for the product you want, and you can change your price in the form that follows.  

“Patchwork Urban Farms’ CSA is both diverse and plentiful! Every week I was surprised with new and classic vegetables, specialty items, recipes, and a friendly newsletter. Both eating well and supporting local food, I couldn’t have asked for more.” —Miles Kelley, 2014 CSA Member

”Sunil Patel’s openness of exchange with his customers in helping them understand the opportunities provided to local communities via development of urban farming is a model of healthy, sustainable use of lands that would otherwise lie fallow, or with unexpressed potential. Plus, he grows the tastiest tomatoes...” —Trent McDevitt, 2014 CSA Member

”Loved being part of Patchwork’s first CSA year in Asheville. It feels great to be connected to food grown down the street that is part of a bigger vision for our healthy food shed!” —Janell Kapoor, 2014 CSA Member

”We decided to get our CSA through Patchwork Urban Farms because they have a vision that is bigger than themselves. There are a lot of options for CSA shares in Asheville and we were looking for something that went beyond good, local & organic veg and we found that with PUF. I’m happy to support them and look forward to seeing their vision take root here in Asheville & beyond.” —Matt Abrams, 2014 CSA Member

”It was great getting a box of produce from Patchwork every week. We love knowing we’re supporting a truly local farmer, with food grown right here, in backyards and plots around Asheville.” —Jeremy and Kristin Smith, 2014 CSA Members