Work trade Program 2016

Are you interested in getting to work for the farm in exchange for a CSA share?  


  • Worktrade hour Requirements coming soon!


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This year, worktraders will apply for specific positions.  Below is a description of the positions.  To apply please visit our online application form here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JQTK83K

Based on your choices, you’ll be asked further questions.  Please take note that responsibilities for each of these positions are subject to change based on changing circumstances.  This is all an experiment, and we’re all learning how we can coordinate to work together as a complete whole!

Farm Chore Track - This track is for those that live near one of our farm sites.  It involves being available to take care of animals and/or seedlings.  And do observations and checkups on the site to report back.  This track is great for those who have small bits of time to do a few small things here and there throughout the year.

If you live near one of the following sites, this might be a good fit for you.

408 Pearson Drive

69 Frances Street

60 Craggy Avenue

Harvest Track - As the name implies you'll be picking produce as your main job.  You would be trained to pick and process certain veggies to high standards.  You may be doing one or more of the following:

  • Solo or Team harvesting - you’d:  pick certain crops at regular intervals, be responsible for weighing and recording the harvest, and you'd bag, bunch, and/or store the produce in a designated storage area.  A car that can hold 5-10 harvest bins is required.  

  • Distribution - you’d: join the crew on our regular harvest and distribution days (Tuesdays and Fridays); OR you'd drive produce to restaurants and make sales and deliveries to chefs around town.  (you would be given a route to follow (truck or large trunk required in your car).

Market Track - We'll be selling produce in many locations and venues this year.  We put up roadside stands, and may be doing a farmers' market or two.  Based on your schedule we can plug you in to our sales team to create a lively, attractive farm stand and interact with customers.  Retail Experience and attention to detail a plus!  You’re responsibilities would include:

  • being on time

  • setting up a pop up farm stand on your own

  • accounting for products in and products sold

  • balancing a cash box

  • creating a clean, attractive display

  • communicating and educating customers about our food, farm, and how we grow it

  • having good customer relations

  • always striving to increase sales

See our roadside stand page 

Farm-Hand Track - This track involves traveling to any and all of our farm sites to do general work on a regular schedule.  You'll be expected to always improve your work, hone your skills, strive for efficiency and speed, and pay keen attention to details.  This is a great way to get your hands in many aspects of farm work.  This track is best suited to those that enjoy hard physical (and thoughtful) labor.  Timeliness is important, and ability to follow directions is key.  If you are good at carpentry, mechanical troubleshooting, or general landsaping, you'd be a great asset to the farm!  Curiosity and genuine interest in the whys and hows of the work being done is valued in this position.

Outreach Track - Are you a photographer?  Do you like to do social media, make posters, go flyering, and spread the word in general? How about event planning and execution? This may be the track for you if so!  We would like to have people who document the work and progress of the farm through the seasons.  Responsibilities would include some or all of the following:

  • scheduling regular photo shoots of farm happenings

  • creating blog posts, facebook posts, or newsletter articles

  • creating spotlight stories of farm happenings, key farm people and partners, and big picture food and farming stories

  • flyering and posting around town

  • planning, coordinating, and executing events and parties for the farm

  • compiling recipes, food tips, and techniques for the weekly newsletter


Volunteer Program

Interested in volunteering?  Contact us for more information!



Are you running or interested in creating a land based enterprise?  

We make partnerships with land based businesses of all types to create resource sharing and complementary.  Please contact us to discuss possibilities!



Although we are not a non=profit, our business model requires the inputs of our cities

We take contributions in the form of:

  • Money
  • Knowledge 
  • Skills - accounting, marketing, law, policy, fundraising, teaching
  • Tools and Materials
  • Plants, Seeds and Small Animals
  • Energetic Work
  • Event Planning and Coordination (the work of creating cultural capital through the celebration of our connection with the land)