Grow with Us

We aim to offer full city farm services to the neighborhoods and communities of asheville.

In the long view, our aim is to create networks of growers, land owners, and other related workers and businesses to create a highly resilient urban food system that is capable of feeding residents the daily needs of fresh produce, eggs, small animal meat, and small fruits, berries, herbs, and flowers.  We are just beginning this journey, and it is through COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS that we believe we can achieve this lofty vision.  

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the method we can use to create shared commitment, shared risk, and shared benefit of the work that goes into growing food.  We highly encourage you to join the farm as a member if you believe in this vision.  The farm is young, and we see this as a movement of mass urban landscape regeneration, widespread job creation in food and farming, and resilient communities that are empowered to take control of their food systems.  

How does it work?

CSA works by members paying for their produce before the season begins.  

This allows the farmer to secure the funds to do the growing beforehand.  The farmer and the members then share the risks and the bounties that go with the uncertain practice of growing food.  CSA members of Patchwork will have a choice of receiving a pre assembled mix of seasonal produce weekly, or maintaining a Farmstand Credit Account with us to use towards produce purchases at our online farmstand.

By becoming a member you are in a very real way, part of a movement to create a vibrant village scale food and farming economy in the city of Asheville.

Member benefits

1. Great Value - The value you get in a CSA share surpasses retail purchasing of the same amount of produce.  You can expect around 10% of savings by purchasing your produce "in bulk" upfront.  And it's the freshest as can be!

2. Patch Tours- join us as we caravan to 3-5 patches in the network to get in touch with our urban food system.

3. Access to 2 workshops on food, cooking, and preservation.

4. Admission to our Annual Patch Dinner where you can mingle with fellow members, and enjoy farm to table Indian Food cooked by Sunil.

5. Discounted Bulk Items when available through our online store, and the ability to purchase extras from our store to supplement you share.

6. Plus opportunities to volunteer or visit at one of our scheduled volunteer days.


Prorated Shares Available!              

    We have plenty of produce, so we're still taking members on a rolling basis.  Email for a quote on a prorated Veggie Share!

2017 Veggie CSA Shares 

We are now growing Four Seasons

You can sign up for summer, winter, or both!

We grow using only organic, biodynamic, and permaculture practices.  We do not use any toxic chemicals or poisons but promote vibrant living soil.

A mix of 5-15 different types of veggies each week packed in a reuasable box, and ready to pick up at a location of your choice.  See pickup options HERE.

What's in a share?  The contents vary based on the time of year.  We aim to make a diverse mix of produce in each box and from week to week to make for exciting meals in your kitchen.  Check out our Availability Chart for info on seasonality of particular veggies.

Payments: We strongly encourage payment by cash or check.  Credit card payments will be marked up 3% to account for service fees.  Downpayment options available.


Summer Shares - 26 weeks - May to October

Summer Large Share $650 ($24/wk)

Summer Medium Share $470 ($17/wk)

Winter Shares - 26 weeks - November to April

Winter Share $390 ($15/wk)

Full Season Shares - 52 weeks - May to April

Full Season Large Share $1000 (avg. $21/wk)

Full Season Medium Share $845 (avg. $16/wk)

Online Farmstand Credits

For those who like choices and more flexibility, this is the option for you!  

Setting up a Farmstand Credit Account allows you  to shop for your share each week.   You pay in full for your account at the beginning of the season, so you're considered a CSA member.  And for your up front investment, we tack on bonus credits to your account.  

You can spend your credits at our online store (see picture example below) where we will have options for diverse vegetables, herbs, and eggs.  Over time, we aim to make this store even more diverse with flowers, bulk staple foods, and more!  (note: eggs are quite popular, so you may want to purchase an egg share as the store may run out of stock often) 

You can buy as much as you want, or as little as you want.  Feel free to skip a week if you need to.  You'll be able to see your balance in the store as you shop so you can keep track.  We pack your orders to be picked up at a location of your choice

Although you are getting a good deal of choice and flexibility, we ask that you make sure to "keep pace" with the season.  For example, If a member has $575 worth of credits, they would need to average $22 worth of purchases per week.  Credits will expire after the last week of October.  Some items may be limited, so we may have a limit per order on items, or let you know if your order ends up too big for our capacity.  If you run out of credits, we may have opportunity to recharge your account if we have the supplies!

Screen shot of our online farmstand. Check out the live online Farmstand HERE  

Screen shot of our online farmstand. Check out the live online Farmstand HERE  

Large and Medium Credit Accounts

$275 of Farmstand Credits - $275
$575 of Farmstand Credits - $575


Gift Credits

Give the gift of high quality, nutrient dense food those you love!  The recipient of your gift will get access to our online store and pick up at a location of their choice.  OR they can apply the credits towards purchase of any of our Share Options.   See pickup location options HERE  

Gift Farmstand Credits - $25 minimum

Egg Shares

Our city chickens are happy chickens.  We have two major flocks in the city.  Our coops are built so they can be moved from Patch to Patch.  This allows us to have the chickens help us establish new gardens, clean up old gardens, and also improve pasture.  Access to fresh ground regularly keeps the chickens happy and well-fed with a diverse diet of greens, bugs, and wild seeds.  We feed the birds non-GMO grains.


Summer Egg Shares  26 weeks - May-Oct

One dozen Eggs delivered each week to a pickup location of your choice.

Summer Egg Share (with veggie share) - $130
Summer Egg Share (stand alone purchase) -$140


Check or Cash Preferred!

EBT accepted! (please contact us for info on EBT).

Credit Card orders get a 3% upcharge for processing fees.

Installment plans available upon request.  Contact us.

Sliding Scale

We aim to provide food at discounted rates to those in need.  To facilitate this, we're offering folks to pay any price on a sliding scale from $100 below the regular price to $100 above it.  By paying more, you will allow us to offer food at reduced rates to communities in need.  And by paying less, you will be benefitting from the graciousness of those who pay more.  If you're interested in sliding scale, you must pay by cash or check.  Click on the cash or check link for the product you want, and you can change your price in the form that follows.  

“Patchwork Urban Farms’ CSA is both diverse and plentiful! Every week I was surprised with new and classic vegetables, specialty items, recipes, and a friendly newsletter. Both eating well and supporting local food, I couldn’t have asked for more.” —Miles Kelley, 2014 CSA Member

”Sunil Patel’s openness of exchange with his customers in helping them understand the opportunities provided to local communities via development of urban farming is a model of healthy, sustainable use of lands that would otherwise lie fallow, or with unexpressed potential. Plus, he grows the tastiest tomatoes...” —Trent McDevitt, 2014 CSA Member

”Loved being part of Patchwork’s first CSA year in Asheville. It feels great to be connected to food grown down the street that is part of a bigger vision for our healthy food shed!” —Janell Kapoor, 2014 CSA Member

”We decided to get our CSA through Patchwork Urban Farms because they have a vision that is bigger than themselves. There are a lot of options for CSA shares in Asheville and we were looking for something that went beyond good, local & organic veg and we found that with PUF. I’m happy to support them and look forward to seeing their vision take root here in Asheville & beyond.” —Matt Abrams, 2014 CSA Member

”It was great getting a box of produce from Patchwork every week. We love knowing we’re supporting a truly local farmer, with food grown right here, in backyards and plots around Asheville.” —Jeremy and Kristin Smith, 2014 CSA Members